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We Resurface Concrete Driveways in Brisbane

Concrete resurfacing, retaining walls, and polished concrete are just a few of the many different types of concrete that can be used in construction. Concrete resurfacing is a process whereby a surface is covered with new materials to make it look more aesthetically pleasing. The material applied will depend on what the surface was before. For example, if it was brick then brick would be applied to it; if it was asphalt then asphalt would be applied to it. It can also be done for aesthetic reasons without any other material being applied as long as the original surface is still intact.

Concrete resurfacing is an ideal solution if the surface of your driveway has already peeled or cracked but the entire foundation is still very durable. In this case, we will scrape the top portion of your concrete and reseal it with a new concrete. This will transform your old and dull concrete into a brand new one.

The good new is, there are various concrete designs you can choose for your new concrete surface.  If you think your driveway needs concrete resurfacing, feel free to call us now. Our team will help you have a brand new-looking driveway!

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Why Do You Need to Resurface Your Concrete?

Concrete is a versatile material that can be used for many purposes. It is durable and can last for decades if properly maintained. However, it does need to be resurfaced from time to time. This is because over time the concrete will become less smooth and more porous. This will cause it to be more susceptible to water damage, which can lead to cracks and other issues. Concrete resurfacing is a common practice in the construction industry. It can be done by grinding off the old surface and replacing it with a new one, or by adding an overlay on top of the existing surface. An overlay is a thin layer of concrete that is applied to an existing concrete slab to improve its appearance and extend its life span. Overlays are not as durable as full replacements, but they can be less expensive and take less time to implement.

Reasons for Driveway Resurfacing

  • The appearance of the slab has deteriorated over time and needs refreshing
  • The slab is structurally sound but has been damaged by car accidents or other incidents
  • The slab needs structural reinforcement due to age, heavy use, or soil conditions

Other Signs that you need Concrete Resurfacing

  • Visible Structural Cracks
  • Spalling or Flaking
  • Pitting or Potholes
  • Drainage Issues or Pooling Water
  • Sunken Concrete
  • Aged, Weathered Appearance
  • Rough Areas
  • Uneven Slabs
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Concrete Resurfacing Projects

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